Kolabri Transfer Pricing & InnerSource

InnerSource leads to fine-grained development collaboration - across development silos but also across international borders. We offer multiple service packages to help you comply with necessary taxation regulations while not introducing impediments to InnerSource.

Package: Introductory Workshop

During our introductory workshop, we walk you through the foundations of transfer pricing and the arm’s length principle relevant to InnerSource and software engineering.

The workshop delivers:

  • understanding of key concepts of transfer pricing
  • overview of risks and solutions for transfer pricing in InnerSource
  • joint language to discuss transfer pricing with your stakeholders

Package: Advanced Workshop

With the advanced workshop, you are at the steering wheel: We will prepare the workshop tailor-made - focusing in-depth on your specific requirements, concerns, and needs regarding transfer pricing and InnerSource.

The workshop delivers:

  • tailored answers to your questions on transfer pricing in InnerSource
  • materials specific to your situation
  • a perfect follow-up to the introductory workshop

Package: Risk Assessment

get certainty now!

Is your InnerSource program facing risks related to transfer pricing and taxation? With our measurement gear, we identify how your enterprise’s national entities partake in InnerSource collaboration (contribution-flow), analyze where you are at risk, and propose concrete next steps to mitigate those risks.

This package delivers:

  • high-level analysis of InnerSource collaboration among your national entities
  • assessment of resulting transfer pricing risks
  • prioritized next steps to address risks

Package: Tailored Transfer Pricing Model

How to determine transfer prices in your InnerSource program? Combining our InnerSource expertise and the transfer pricing expertise of our partners at TP & C GmbH, we help you to design a transfer pricing model that is just right for your InnerSource program.

This package delivers:

  • pragmatic transfer pricing model for your InnerSource program
  • minimal impediments to InnerSource collaboration
  • guidelines and templates for reports

Package: Automated Calculation & Reporting

In this package, we implement and configure the infrastructure to automatically calculate transfer prices based on InnerSource data that is already available in your organization (i.e., APIs of Gitlab or Github Enterprise).

This package delivers:

  • automated calculation of transfer prices in your InnerSource program
  • transfer pricing reports with one click
  • raw data export or connection to your controlling software

Of course, all consulting packages above can be tailored to your specific needs. Would you like our help with other topics? Reach out to us now or check out our additional service offerings on InnerSource. We are happy to support you.