Kolabri InnerSource Assessment

Assessing your InnerSource program gives you a fresh perspective: What can be improved? Where are the chances and risks that you overlooked? We offer a variety of consulting packages focussing on auditing practices in your InnerSource program, specific projects, or focusing on existing collaboration and contribution-flow in your firm.

Package: InnerSource Program Audit

During the audit of your InnerSource program, we carefully inspect your program’s practices, elements, mechanisms, and challenges and compare them to known and proven best practices. We develop a prioritized list of action items to help you to improve.

This package delivers:

  • overview of successes, challenges, and risks in your InnerSource program
  • in depth-analysis of practices, elements, and mechanisms used
  • a prioritized list of action items and next steps

Package: InnerSource Project Audit

During the audit of your InnerSource project, we focus on one particular InnerSource project important to you. We carefully inspect practices, mechanisms and challenges your project faces. In contrast to the InnerSource Program Audit (package 1), the InnerSource Project Audit focuses on one specific InnerSource project.

This package delivers:

  • overview of successes, challenges, and risks in one specific InnerSource project
  • in-depth analysis of the project’s practices and community
  • a prioritized list of action items and next steps

Package: Contribution-Flow Benchmark

We use our tools and scientifically validated methods to analyze and benchmark your InnerSource program quantitatively. How healthy and successful is your InnerSource program? Where are the hotspots and coldspots of InnerSource collaboration? Do you have a positive return on investment? How do you compare to other InnerSource initiatives? The contribution-flow benchmark answers these questions.

The results of the contribution-flow benchmark and proposed action items are presented in a coherent report and discussed in a small workshop. In detail, this package delivers …

  • an analysis of the volume and flow of InnerSorce collaboration
  • identification of hotspots, cold spots, and proposed action items
  • comparison of InnerSource projects in your firm

InnerSource Dashboard

coming soon

There are situations where you want immediate feedback: How did last week’s evangelizing event accelerate InnerSource contributions in departments that were coldspots of InnerSource collaboration? How is the contribution-flow adapting to the new practices you proposed to one of your favorite InnerSource projects? How successful was last month’s work? How is my team’s SCRUM workflow interacting with InnerSource?

We are developing an integrated suite of InnerSource dashboards that help you understand your InnerSource program and projects in real-time. Want to get early access? Reach out to us!

Of course, all consulting packages above can be tailored to your specific needs. Would you like our help with other topics? Reach out to us now or check out our additional service offerings on InnerSource. We are happy to support you.