Kolabri From Zero to InnerSource

Adopting and scaling InnerSource is not a trivial task: Many companies we worked with are uncertain how and where to start. We have worked on InnerSource for nearly a decade: Currently, we are condensing this experience into our turn-key pipeline for helping you adopt, scale, and govern InnerSource: We call it From Zero to InnerSource.

With our From Zero to InnerSource pipeline, we will offer you just the right service packages to not only get your company started with InnerSource but also sustainably scale InnerSource collaboration across the whole company and hundreds of projects. The core idea behind From Zero to InnerSource is simple: We start small with one or a few hand-selected pilot projects. Subsequently, we build on the success stories created with those pilots to grow InnerSource in your company step-by-step. For this, we utilize mechanisms from open source foundations and the InnerSource programs we have worked with, which have been proven time and time again.

We are currently in the last steps of designing the different components of the From Zero to InnerSource pipeline. Do you want to be among the first to benefit? Reach out to us anytime. The service packages already give you a preview of some of the pipeline’s components.

Package: InnerSource Pilot Project

Together with you, we pilot InnerSource in one (or a few) hand-selected projects: We help you select the ideal software components, coach its developers, and help you attract contributions from colleagues all over your company.

This package delivers:

  • successful pilot InnerSource project in your company
  • hands-on coaching of project stakeholders
  • continuous evaluation of the project’s success

Package: InnerSource Accelerator

In this package, we help you build an InnerSource accelerator: The InnerSource accelerator is inspired by the Apache Software Foundationâ„¢ Incubator Program. It allows you to spawn high-quality InnerSource projects within your company continuously.

Once implemented, you can:

  • continuously identify suitable InnerSource project candidates
  • coach InnerSource projects to success
  • certify strategically important and mature projects

From Zero to InnerSource

coming soon
From Zero to InnerSource will be our pipeline for adopting, scaling, and governing InnerSource in your collaboration - a set of well-defined, proven, and tightly integrated consulting packages. Do you want to be among the first to benefit? Feel free to reach out to us anytime. The service packages above already give you a small preview of some of the pipeline’s components.

Of course, all consulting packages above can be tailored to your specific needs. Would you like our help with other topics? Reach out to us now or check out our additional service offerings on InnerSource. We are happy to support you.