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Modern software development is now more spontaneous, integrated, collaborative, and fine-grained than ever before. This creates a headache for transfer pricing managers because this makes it difficult to understand global software development workflows, adhere to the Arm’s Length Principle, and ensure tax compliance.

At Kolabri, we bring decades of experience in both worlds, software engineering and transfer pricing, and unravel the complexity of modern software engineering processes for your tax compliance. We offer multiple service packages to help you comply with necessary taxation regulations while not introducing impediments to software development.

Checkout our new brochure on data analytics for transfer pricing in software engineering to learn more about the approach underlying our consulting services.

Package 1: Introductory Workshop

During our introductory workshop, we walk you through both worlds: We introduce modern collaborative software engineering to tax experts; and the foundations of transfer pricing and the arm’s length principle to developers and engineering managers. We discuss potential transfer pricing issues in your software development setup.

The workshop delivers:

  • understanding of key concepts of transfer pricing & software engineering
  • overview of risks and possible solutions for transfer pricing in software engineering
  • joint language to discuss transfer pricing with your stakeholders

You are unsure whether you need to consider transfer pricing for your software development? Our introductory workshop is the best step to start.

Package 2: Advanced Workshop

With the advanced workshop, you are at the steering wheel: We will prepare the workshop tailor-made - focusing in-depth on your specific requirements, concerns, and needs regarding transfer pricing and software engineering.

Your engineers want to setup an InnerSource program? You are unsure how to tax DevOps? There is globally distributed code review? We got you covered.

The workshop delivers:

  • tailored answers to your questions on transfer pricing in software engineering
  • materials specific to your situation
  • preliminary overview of risk areas

The advanced workshop provides a perfect follow-up to the introductory workshop. A full risk assessment (see package 3) extends the preliminary overview of risk areas.

Package 3: Risk Assessment

get certainty now!

Are you facing risks related to transfer pricing and software development? With our measurement gear, we identify how your enterprise’s national entities partake in software development (along the dimensions collaboration, reuse, communication), analyze where you are at risk, and propose concrete next steps to mitigate those risks.

This package delivers:

  • high-level analysis of software development collaboration, reuse, and communication among your national entities
  • assessment of resulting transfer pricing risks
  • actionable prioritized next steps to address risks

This packages makes sure you have a full picture and do not experience any surprises during an tax audit.

Package 4: Tailored Transfer Pricing Strategy

How to determine transfer prices for your software development? Combining our expertise in software engineering and transfer pricing, we help you to design a transfer pricing strategy that is just right for your software development workflows.

This package delivers:

  • pragmatic transfer pricing strategy
  • minimal impediments to software development
  • guidelines and templates for reports

Package 5: Automated Calculation & Reporting

Incl. Tool Access

In this package, we implement and configure the infrastructure to automatically calculate transfer prices based on software development data that is already available in your organization.

This package delivers:

  • automated calculation of transfer prices your software engineering
  • continuous transfer pricing reports
  • raw data export or connection to your controlling software

This package includes early access to our software tool Kolabri Cloud which is currently under development.

Package 6: Expert Opinion & Expert Testimony

If transfer pricing for software development is not substantiated by robust data analytics, it is susceptible to be challenged by tax authorities. This can lead to lengthy and costly legal conflicts and litigation.

With decades of experience in software engineering and transfer pricing and our state-of-the-art data analytics, we provide expert opinions and expert testimony substantiating the economic nature of software development in enterprises and related arm’s length prices. Our expertise is rooted in our scientific work published in leading outlets.

Expert opinion can be given in any litigations including court cases, arbitrations, intergovernmental arbitrations and others.

Of course, all consulting packages above can be tailored to your specific needs. Would you like our help with other topics? Reach out to us now. We are happy to support you.

Kolabri GmbH does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice.