Kolabri Dr. Maximilian Capraro

Photo of Dr. Maximilian Capraro

Dr. Maximilian Capraro is a co-founder of Kolabri, where he helps companies to implement transfer pricing strategies for their globally distributed software engineering.

Max is member and assistant treasurer of the InnerSource Commons Foundation and served two terms on its board of directors. He is a (part-time) engineer at DATEV eG where he educates on InnerSource and co-founded one of the firm’s most successful InnerSource projects.

Back in academia, Max performed over six years of research on InnerSource and consulted companies including Siemens, Continental, and Black Duck Software. He developed the contribution-flow method for evaluating and auditing InnerSource success in large organizations. Max holds a doctoral degree from FAU Erlangen, Germany.

Reach out to Max via max@kolabri.io.